Why drink Crystal Water?

Everyone knows that we should drink water. Doctors tell us that it is vital for a healthy lifestyle and necessary to perform basic body functions. Water lubricates joints, carries essential nutrients, disposes of toxins, regulates body temperature and aids in food digestion. 

Water that is contaminated with chlorine, inorganic chemicals and other pollutants cannot perform these essential functions properly.

Most people don’t drink enough water because they don’t like the taste or don’t trust the source. Crystal water provides a great tasting, safe alternative to other water supplies.

Crystal water does not contain contaminants, chemicals, pollutants or any added substance. 


What is Crystal Water?

Crystal water starts out as tap water from your local water system and is produced fresh daily. Then, it is put through our extensive Filtration Process.


The Filtration Process

For safety we use an Ultra Violet Light to ensure that all E. Coli and Coliform Bacteria are killed. 


It's Safe
Fine filtration is used to ensure that Cysts such as Giardia (Beaver Fever) and Cryptosporidium are removed.


It's Healthy
Volatile Organic Chemicals are reduced by up to 99%. Eg. Chlorine, Herbicides and Pesticides.


It's Good for You
Dirt particles such as sediment, rust, algae and silt are filtered out.


Crystal & Clear
Approximately 70% of the human body is made up of WATER